12 Days Of Christmas - Whitney's Favorite Things

Inspired by all the Holiday Wishlist's floating around I wanted to share my FAVE things that I use daily in my life that are must haves and sprinkle in few fun finds I have seen a long the way!!  I will be updating this daily with all the different things as I add them!  

DAY:1--> I decided to start here because they shared a code for Black Friday Specials and I think you all should jump on it!!  I don't know what it is about being tan but it makes me happy!  I feel better, I have more confidence, I think it is because the beach is my happy place and it makes me feel like I am there!  Either way, everyone thinks living in Arizona we can lay out all year long but in reality when it drops below 78 and you have lived here more than 2 years your blood has thinned and that practically means winter has arrived! HA  Unless... you are my neighbors and you are from Canada while I am bundled up they are laying by the pool in bikini's drinking a summer shandy!!  Ok enough rambling, since I don't have time to make it to a salon for a spray tan and I gave up tanning beds years ago let me introduce you to my FAVE way to stay tan all year long!!  One order of these has lasted me SO long so even if you only use it for special events in the winter, family pictures, holiday parties, when you take a winter vaca ... this will leave you feeling tan, refreshed, and confident as ever!!  I found this from a gal on Instagram and I have been hooked ever since!! 

Here are the specials ---> shop HERE!!
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DAY 2:  you know me at all you know I LOVE my coffee.  A lot of times it is the social aspect of waking up and having coffee with someone.  On my parents front porch even if its at 10 pm.  Coffee brings people together.  Funny story was I despised the taste of coffee until I had baby #2. He was actually an amazing baby it was my 2 year old that had yet to sleep through the night and a new born that led me to my first heavenly sip of coffee ... also if you know me I actually like a little coffee with my creamer, HA! So as I embarked on my health & fitness journey I knew my love of creamer had to give a little.  Insert this AMAZINGLY delic coffee.  I always swore off flavored coffee until Instagram got me thinking I HAD TO HAVE THIS!! Needless to say I am thankful because this is my NEW GO TO coffee!!  Introducing COFFEE OVER CARDIO!!  I am just going to say the BASIC AF -Pumpkin flavor is my personal FAVE.  They just released Birthday Cake this week so I will be trying that one soon too!! 

Use Code: 10Thill

Day 3: is so exciting for me and because there are GREAT Cyber Monday deals!! 

I am going to share amazing before and afters of my niece Emma, at her same age my Mom bought me SkinCare line for Christmas and I loved it.  It was a game changer as my hormones were changing as a teen and I had the worst break outs.  I love these results from using Beauty Counter skin care and they happen to have some amazing Make-Up too!



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