Must Have Collagen

I get asked often what products and or supplements I use.  I have been working on narrowing it down as much as possible with WHY I use that and links (hopefully with codes) so that you can benefit from my trial and error.  

I started this journey with a heavy metal detox and you can see more on that HERE!

One of the products I have used the longest is collagen!! So many reasons to use it but the main reason is hair, skin, and nails.  Now I have even found one that is great for muscle repair too and I am just so excited.  I had to use it for a bit but I am finally ready to share the one I use and love. 

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I get asked all the time about my FAVE supplements.  I was that girl that for years swore off any and all supplements and while I do believe you have to find and love the power of whole foods, supplements are for just that ... supplementing our regime or filling nutritional gaps.  So hopefully you can benefit from my years of trial and error. 

Now that I am well into my 30's I swear by collagen.  I have actually used the same one for years and this year was introduced to a new collagen and trying not to be swayed by before and afters I set out to research all that I could on why I should switch.  Turns out after some digging it was glaringly obvious why the change needed to happen. 


This liquid collagen is Type II collagen. 
The liquid form helps it to absorb faster and at a higher percentage...95-98%.

If you compare ingredients ... honestly I ordered my old one before I was adamant on my products being CLEAN and not full of crap & after comparing labels it was a given. 
A product that benefits:
muscular definition
and so much more

Yes please!  As we've gotten older, we've noticed more and more how we needed help in these areas.  As we age, our skin starts to lose it's elasticity and plumpness, our hair grows slower, joints start to feel tighter and of course it gets harder and harder to shed those extra pounds.  And a lot of this has to do with reduced collagen stores. 
My struggle with hair loss due to hormone imbalance has been one of the most emotional roller coasters, I've shared about it on my Instagram and I have come a long ways but my hair is still one of my biggest insecurities so once I saw a dear friend post her success photo after my sister told me all about her results I couldn't wait any longer. 


We currently take 2 of the liquid collagen products...the LIFE and the TRIM.

The Liquid Biocell LIFE - contains collagen, 13 superfoods.  Here are a few of the incredible benefits: improves joint mobility, decreases skin dryness, improves skins elasticity, promotes healthy hair, skin and nails and so much more.  

I personally haven't used TRIM buy my husband has been and I am SO excited to see his results!
The TRIM - contains collagen and helps to improve muscle tone.  The TRIM comes alone or as part of the Lean Body System.

We take 1T of each daily.

It is no secret this last year has been night and day difference than 2019 for me.  I am showing up and putting in the work.  While I am still struggling a little with hormones and fluctuations I have come along ways.  Next week I will be sharing more of food intolerances and home testing kits you can use to help you find out more about food allergies and hormone imbalances.  


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