Heavy Metal Detox

So many question have came in since I shared on my social media about my resuIts so far with my heavy metal detox
I almost can’t put into words how much has changed since I started it. It’s a simple spray under the tongue so nothing crazy and honestly I was so skeptical but was also desperate!!

SO much has changed since Feb 2020 but I can tell you all the things so let me just show you this visual! My vision was getting blurry by the day, I had a brain fog that made me crazy on the daily and ZERO energy.

My eyes are a completely different shade of blue and my hair is growing back 🙌🏼 My energy levels are back. I’m sleeping again. My hormones are balancing, I lost all of the 10 lbs I gained.

Just a reminder to always be an advocate for your health. If your Dr.’s aren’t willing to listen or investigate, find one that will. You are your BEST advocate so keep fighting!!! 💕

**please note I can not and am not making any medical claims, this is my PERSONAL experience. This is not an RX. I found from my own research! 💞
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I added in a quality and clean collagen to help with hair growth and you can see more HERE